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04 February 2007 @ 07:51 pm
The basic rules for posting & taking anything here.

1. Only ONE image can be out of an lj-cut, and it MUST be a THUMBNAIL (use photobucket or imageshack to get thumbnails) , not a full image
2. You can post as many pictures as you want, just make sure you credit where you got them from
3. Any disney star pictures, even one that aren't on disney channel anymore, or if they are just affiliated with disney, can be posted here
4. TAG EVERYTHING! Just put all the name of the actors or actresses in the tag field
5. Try not to post pictures that have already been posted
6. feel free to put pictures in zips or .rars for people to download
8. If you are requesting something, make the title of your post "Request: name of actor/actress here", also tag the post with "request" and the name of the actor or actress

1. Comment on the post you take pictures from
2. You can either credit this community or the place the person got the pictures from
3. Take as much as you want
4. No Hotlinking, save to your own server (Photobucket, Imagecave, Imageshack)

If you have anymore questions post them here or here.